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Tax Digest

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The Tax Digest is a complete listing of parcels including property taxes for Columbia County property owners as they were for the current tax bills.

General Disclaimer

This information has been provided from unverified general sources and, as such, is to be used only as a guide. Columbia County assumes no liability for its accuracy or any decisions which the user may make based on these documents.

These records and maps have been produced from data and information compiled from recorded documents, outside public and private sources, and global positioning technology to collect data with sub-meter accuracy, which the User is cautioned, does not reflect either actual survey data or surveying accuracy.

No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the property records and mapping data herein, or for their use or interpretation by the User. Columbia County, its commissioners, officers, elected officials, employees, and agents shall have no liability for any damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including but not limited to attorney's fees, arising from any User's use or misuse of property records or mapping data provided herein, and the User's use thereof shall constitute an agreement by the User to release Columbia County, its commissioners, officers, elected officials, employees, and agents from any such liability.

To Download the Tax Digest

Please click the following link: Tax Digest.

Notexsmb kết quả xổ số hôm nay: The Tax Digest is a Zip file that contains the data in Microsoft Access and text delimited format compatible with most spreadsheet or database programs. It is updated yearly to reflect the changes made to the tax digest in the previous year.  Any development, manipulation, reporting, etc..of the data is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

File Specifications

(1300 character fixed length text file)

Code Item
AKPAR# 1-25 (Parcel Id)
AKPAR 26-33 (Parcel Id First 8)
AKMAP 34-37 (Map Id)
AKNECD 38-42 (Neighborhood Code)
AKCOID 43-55 (Current Owner Id)
AKDSCD 56-58 (Tax Dist)
TAXDS 59-83 (Tax Desc)
AKEXCD 84-87 (Exempt Code)
EXEMDS 88-112 (Exempt Desc)
FIRECD 113-115 (Fire Code)
FIREDS 116-140 (Fire Desc)
FIRSUB 141-147 (Most Current Fire Fee)
AKLAD1 148-172 (Legal Desc1)
AKLAD2 173-197 (Legal Desc2)
AKLAD3 198-222 (Legal Desc3)
AKLCPR 223-231 (Land Use Value)
AKICAP 232-242 (Imp Apv Val)
TOTVAL 243-254 (Total Value)
TCNAM1 255-284 (Owner Name 1)
TCNAM2 285-314 (Owner Name 2)
TCADR1 315-344 (Address1)
TCADR2 345-374 (Address2)
TCCITY 375-399 (City)
TCSTA 400-401 (State)
TCZIPA 402-411 (Zip)
ACYRB 412-415 (Actual Year Built)
EFYRB 416-419 (Effective Year Built)
IDESC 420-444 (Imp Description)
EWDESC 445-469 (Ext Wall Desc)
ATTLBD 470-472 (Total Buildings)
ATFNAR 473-483 (Total Finish Area)
ATBED# 484-486 (Total Number Bedroom)
ATBTH 487-490 (Tot Number Bathroom)
ATROOM 491-495 (Total Rooms)
POOL 496-496 (Pool Y/N)
PRPUSE 497-576 (Property Use)
LTQTY 577-585 (Lot Qty)
LTZONE 586-591 (Lot Zone)
LTDESC 592-616 (Lot Description)
ACQTY 617-625 (Acre Qty)
ACZONE 626-631 (Acre Zone)
SFQTY 632-640 (Sqft Qty)
SFZONE 641-646 (Sqft Zone)
CONUSE 647-647 (Conservation Use Y/N)
CONAC 648-656 (Conservation Acre)
DTSL 657-664 (Date Sold)
DBOOK 665-670 (Deed Book)
DPage 671-676 (Deed Page)
DBKPGE 677-688 (Deed Book Page)
AKYRDE 689-692 (Deed Year)
SLAM 693-701 (Sale Amount)
SALI 702-706 (Sale Instrument)
SIDESC 707-736 (Sale Instrument Desc)
AKPBOK 737-742 (Plat Book)
AKPPGE 743-748 (Plat Page)
AKPST 749-754 (Physlc Street Nbr)
AKPSSX 755-757 (Physlc Suffix)
AKPDIR 758-758 (Physlc Direction)
AKPSTN 759-788 (Physlc Street Name)
AKPSTP 789-792 (Physlc Street Type)
AKPDSX 793-794 (Physlc Dir Suffix)
AKPUN# 795-799 (Physlc Unit Nbr)
AKPSAD 800-839 (Physlc Street Addr)
LCLNAM 840-879 (Long Street Name)
SLCODE 880-883 (Streetlight Code)
SLDESC 884-908 (Streetlight Desc)
SLAMT 909-915 (Streetlight Amt)
STORMW 916-916 (Stormwater Y/N)
FLOODP 917-917 (Flood Plain Y/N)
MBLHME 918-918 (Mobile Home Y/N)
MBLNBR 919-923 (Nbr Of Mobile Homes)
RUCTRC 924-928 (Census Tract)
RUTRCZ 929-932 (Traffic Zone)
RUZONE 933-936 (Zone District)
ZNDESC 937-966 (Zoning Desc)
RUCOMM 967-970 (Comm Dist)
RUTWDS 971-1005 (Township Desc.)
RUSNBR 1006-1013 (Subdivision Nbr.)
RUSBDS 1014-1048 (Subdivision Desc)
RUSECT 1049-1053 (Subdivision Section)
RUBLCK 1054-1057 (Block)
RULOT 1058-1061 (Lot)
RUMBDS 1062-1096 (Mobile Home Desc.)
RUMHLT 1097-1100 (Mh Lot Number)
RUWTDS 1101-1135 (Water Desc.)
RUSWDS 1136-1170 (Sewer Desc.)
RUGSDS 1171-1205 (Gas Desc.)
RUELDS 1206-1240 (Electric Desc.)
RUPHDS 1241-1275 (Phone Desc.)
TXYEAR 1276-1279 (Most Current Tax Year)
TAXES 1280-1290 (Most Current Tax Amount)
TXDUDT 1291-1298 (Taxes Due Date)
TXPAID 1299-1299 (Taxes Paid Y/N)
TXAODT 1300-1300 (Taxes As of Date)

Additional Information

xsmb kết quả xổ số hôm nayPlease contact the following for additional information.

Wayne Bridges
Columbia County Tax Commissioner
Attention: Peter Chong
P. O. Box 3030
Evans, GA 30809

Telephone: (706) 261-8299
Fax: (706) 312-1357
Email: Peter Chong

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